Last Hero of the Western World

by The Society Islands

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released February 19, 2010

Produced by Boris Rogowski & Stephan Kriegeskorte
Recorded at The Basement, Cologne



all rights reserved


The Society Islands Köln, Germany

The Society Islands is the musical project of Cologne, Germany-based composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Boris Rogowski. The music of The Society Islands oscillates between Neo-Folk, chamber music and Indie Rock and is further characterized by unconventional stylistic shifts and ominous undertones. ... more

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Track Name: Last Hero of the Western World
The last hero of the Western World
a sage weary of our restless nerves
she swam the empty of the Bering Sea
sheʼd like to know if youʼll be here with me

The last princess in her camisole
she strokes the barrel of her Remington
she swore to stand up for her deepest needs
sheʼd like to know if youʼll be here with me

One black rover
four leaf clover
red jeans
and nothing underneath

The last hero of the Western World
the windʼs playing with her chestnut curls
she doesnʼt kill you out of irony
but to make sure youʼll never lie to me

Black bug, fly you
projectile go
crack bone
go make yourself at home

„Hereʼs a list of my heartʼs desires
the 50000 things that money just can buy
youʼve been so right all along, I see
the way to go is violence, not peace

And as youʼre bleeding out
all stripped down
pound by pound
Iʼll take it from your mouth
your final vow
to pass the crown
onto me“

Golden eyes from all directions
on your cartridge spine
Your sordid oath
your dark profession
itʼs a hellbound runway

Cause you,
you could be a hero
the last real hero
all sugar, love and dearie, grit and guns
Or you could be mistaken
deadly mistaken
and lord, have mercy upon you if youʼre wrong

Every night I hear you breathing
and youʼre not my type
Your terrored eyes
molting for the morning

Last hero of the Western World
Track Name: Free Ride
My oh my
hey, all right
why complain on a free ride?

Weʼre all out of our right mind
why complain
on a free ride?

Theyʼre drifting past my ears
the words Iʼm too tired to hear
but theyʼre gaining weight as Iʼm getting straight
and shifting the gear

And now the children are singing
and the elders are whistling:
How could you behave like this?
And the ferrets are squealing
and the trade winds are wailing:
How could you behave like this?

Iʼve been in love all my life
why complain on a free ride?

The world is caving in
weʼre riding on its very last spin
between the battered earth
and the wounded sky
what else is to win?

And now the children are singing...
Track Name: 50000 Gallons
Hill hill valley
bastard scum
chief secretary of the horned one
anchor the ferry
bring me my rum
50000 gallons

I know
mindless sheep galore
craning necks just for a little something

Donʼt whine
about the fuck I donʼt give
about you searching for a little love
a little gift from god

Do it now, do it straight
donʼt make the bastard wait
for a chance,
for a sound
for a halo now

Hill hill valley...

I know
herds of sheep on the run
zero... zero... no, you wonʼt add up like this

I sense
undisguised motherfuck
taking over shit grain by grain
bit by bit my friend

Do it now...
Track Name: The Feud
Lying in my dormitory bed
I wrote an email to my dad
and I begged him to be civil just this once

Weʼre beaching but the coast ainʼt clear
cause once again the seasonʼs here
and you and I are bound to lose our minds

History repeats every year, every summer
weʼre trying just to get though it, well
our families unite, yeah all right, but why canʼt they damn this stupid feud to hell?

My father loves the microscope
your father likes a wider scope
heʼs into real estate und bluegrass bands

Out mothers, siblings, uncles, aunts
they all just hate their counterparts
and all the other parts and all their friends

Theyʼre fighting on the links, by the pool, in the courtroom
theyʼre fighting at the PTA
I donʼt mind a fight, but this fightʼs going nowhere
damn this stupid feud to hell

At gala nights and matinees
weʼre kissing in a shady place
beyond the rising melee in the hall

To keep out pride and sanity
weʼre sleeping with the enemy
go on and keep colluding until fall

A kiss for every cuss, every stare, every swear word
sleepovers for slaps and for yells
basically weʼre fine all the time, are you sure we
want to damn this feud to hell?

Letʼs drink a toast
theyʼre up the wall because you take off your clothes
for me, I suppose
Keep it low
this warʼs exhausting and we need to repose
the tougher the cause
the tougher the night...

Lying in your dormitory bed
thinking about the fun we had
just when things got really really bad

Now does our love survive all the fighting
or does the fighting fuel our love?
I donʼt know
I donʼt care...
Track Name: Fuck Bunny

Pick me up at the airport
Iʼll fire at will
in the back of a taxi cab or
sooner still

Links are broken, I lie open

Take me to the cathedral
on our first night out
hear the rag through the ether
of our background sound

As long as this world feels incomplete
affection is mimicry Iʼll
on these roads
Open land open wounds

Iʼm holding you (forever, I)
am holding you

Stay on these roads now
and everything
will pale in comparison
the tedium
the nothing

Tangled like insects in defeat
as long as you radiate this
weʼre okay
Little love
little loss

Iʼm over you (forever, I)
am over you

Track Name: Brother
Bugs have come
little black dots have been braided around the sun

Lizards come
line the path when Lilith takes her childern home

Brother Brother say goodbye
no-oneʼs gonna save our lives
weʼre all dying
Brother Brother hold your trials
nothingʼs gonna make it right
weʼre all dying

Glow worms come
fireflies protruding from a tired sun
Track Name: In Cold Blood
All but late april came
with crippled legs and little promise
in cold blood

Thereʼs a night above the daylight
and Iʼm dreaming while youʼre sleeping
in cold blood
in cold blood

Itʼs only killing me
itʼs killing me
youʼre killing me
in cold blood
That deltaʼs running dry in front of my eyes and time passes and still passes in cold blood
Track Name: No Place Home
I bought the whole place
yeah, each of the 27 rooms
theyʼre all yours, youʼre free to chose

Make sure you chose a big bed
where we can fall asleep
with red cheeks weʼll come in from the cold
after riding the sleigh through the snow
the pine-lined groves

And you ask: Why me?
And I put on a wide smile when I say:
I was looking for someone wintery
and youʼre the most

I left from the north, it was far too much space
for two sullen people with nothing to say
my best regards, I got carried away
so far away, I was out of my head

And wading through acres of boreal dark
with the scar on my forehead as a Plimsoll Mark
I dreamed of the lights of the old Lisbon Bay
so far away

When I came to Sintra my life was a game
castles of sugar and songs in the air
so when the climate is right
and the pastries are fine
Iʼll abide by serenityʼs thorn and felicityʼs bite
licking my chops for a crack in the light
trapped in the dull part of spring
when the birds come back in

Here come the big strings
the mountains and mineral springs
the composite boredom of peace and decorum
and then... those bloody thoughts
They tear down the landscape
theyʼre killing everything
transcending all borders and levelling quarters
of whichever backdrop Iʼm in

So pack up the set
Iʼm moving out
the fun fair leaves town

So empty my head
give me a compass, not a map
save me a little bit of that

Track Name: Filing Cabinet
Youʼre bending down to pluck a rose
youʼre waving with your pantyhose
but Iʼm at a loss
Iʼm down with the crayfish

Their scissors snap, the water curls
around my feet, Iʼm waving back
“come down if you like
Iʼm not coming up now”

And donʼt make me tell you lies
about how great it is to be alive
when lifeʼs nothing but some casual payoff

You say that there is fun to be had
hidden in your filing cabinet
but I ainʼt got no reason to believe it
no I ainʼt got no reason to believe you after all

Weʼre spending every summer here
by the lake and on the pier
and nights underneath
the big yellow stone ball

And donʼt you dare romanticize
the steady pace of our rural life
itʼs just getting by; why scare the cows now?

You say that there is fun to be had
hidden in a filing cabinet
but I ainʼt got no reason to believe it
no I ainʼt got no reason to believe you after all

And oh... your semaphoric release
the cherry pollen settling on your lash
youʼll stand and wink for nothing on the night of the crash

And all our Sta. Rosa colleagues
theyʼre bitching about the mildew in the cracks
theyʼll guzzle down my Lager before heading back

Swans come
Swans go