by The Society Islands

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"Waterboarding" is the fourth in a series of singles that will later comprise the new album by The Society Islands. These singles will be released on a triweekly basis; the album will be released whenever The Society Islands feel the stars are aligned the right way.

The album will most likely feature comprehensive bonus material, the scope of which depends - not least - on you, dear listener (yes that's right: the more songs you buy, the more money we have to blow on crazy shit).


Let me up and down
Let me up
Up and back down
Bring about that frail equilibrium
Sink the lock pin now

Fill my head with sound
Fill it up
'Till it spins out
Let the lesser angels and cherubim
lift me off the ground

Strap me on the board
Cloak my countenance
This is what I want to feel
It's absolute and real
Let me ask you this right now
(And I know just how it sounds):
Would you take the jug and pour it out
if I promise you that I won't drown

Pour the water out
Pour it out
Pour it all out
Never mind my twitching and pedalling
Let it all go down

Think of something sound
Anything sound
Think about how very impassively
our world goes down

Richard's on the board
and he's not loving it
But there is a pain he needs to feel
A place he needs to be
Let me ask you this right now:
Has he really thought it out?
Is his soul at ease and void of doubt?
Is he positive that he won't just drown?

Don't lie
Don't lie to me
'Cause I'm watching
And I can see

Defenses down
'Cause this thing, this thing is on
And the truth is in your lungs
It's all but

Let me up and down
Let me up
Up and back down


released December 14, 2011
Lyrics & Music by Boris Rogowski
Produced by Boris Rogowski & Stephan Kriegeskorte
Recorded at the Convent-facing Room, Cologne
Mixed and Mastered by Boris Rogowski



all rights reserved


The Society Islands Köln, Germany

The Society Islands is the musical project of Cologne, Germany-based composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Boris Rogowski. The music of The Society Islands oscillates between Neo-Folk, chamber music and Indie Rock and is further characterized by unconventional stylistic shifts and ominous undertones. ... more

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